Don't make distance separate us. Never will.


Hey, apa cerita kita semua? Rinduuuuuuuuu

Tadi saya baca semua entri kat blog ni, from the very 1st entry sampai lah the latest. banyak benda rupa-rupanya kan yang kita tulis dalam ni. and i really glad that we made this blog, seriously. at least, ada jugak kan something yang kita boleh tengok and baca and ingat balik all the things that we've been through together. all the memories. :)

oh, btw husna. yang ni sebenarnya saya tulis untuk awak. dah lama, before awak nk fly tu. tapi entah lah, saya tak tau kenapa saya simpan dlm draft and tk kasi kat awak. n now, saya copy and paste kat sini untuk awak baca. awwwwww rinduuuuuuuuuuu

‎Friday, ‎19 ‎August, ‎2011, 23:41:16

its weekend. the last weekend. the last saturday i got to see husna. the last day of us talking and laughing together. she's flying away. flying far far away to the middle eastern country. the next thing i'll know, we are a bunch of grown up people who live to work to gain money to pay all the bills and house payment. what a life. flashed so fast without we even noticing it. its so pathetic to tell all these thing here in this blog. but this is sooooooooo saaaaaaadddddddd. my bestfriend is moving far abroad and going to live her new life there for about 5 years long. we might meet someday. but those days would not be the same. it might not be the same. 5 years means we'll be 23 24 years old then. no more teenagers stupid pranks and all those teenagers so-called cool stuff to do together anymore. how sad is that :( knowing her for almost 8 years make my eyes all teary as i recalled all the fun and sad things we've been through together. my god, i sound so lame and full of poyo-ness. but wth, it's saaaaaaaaadddddddd u know.

dear my going-to-be-a-dentist bestfriend,

i love you. please dont you dare to ever forget me, us, fiveforfighting. all those time we spent together will always be here, deep inside here. i know i sound so cheesy tapi apa saya kesahhhhh memang patut pun. awwww husna, husni, husin, anak gapor, jelita, sila jaga diri di sana. martabatkan malaysia di persada dunia and sila balik malaysia bila tiba masanya. haha. wey, melankolik kot. :(

maaf lah ye, sedikit cheesy berlaku di situ. masa tu sedih tidak kepalang tahu tak? :(

anyway, korang semua sila lah hidupkan semula blog ni. pleaseeeee. ini lah one of the medium for us to still connecting to each other, tk gitu? :D

lots of LOVE,
nadideo nadidei :)

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