A meaningful month


Holla everybody..

It's been a very long time since I wrote here. It explains how busy I am. Eceehh. haha. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to madi!! I knew it you can do that! All the best dear! Be a good leader! =) Owh ya, congrats to husna too! Not for the post, for the *eheeem. =)

I had a month of haywire life I can say. haha. Semua benda datang bertimpa-timpa tanpa diduga. Lemah rasa, sedih rasa, tak terdaya rasa, macam2 lagi benda rasalah. haha. It all started with the annual dinner. Okay, tak dek apa. Plan semua ok lah kiranya. Tapi agak busy la jugak, byk benda nak buat. Then tgh busy2 tu, exam pulak nak datang. Alamak, cuak dah masa tu. Xm dekat gle. haha. Tak pe, masih ada masa. Then suddenly, about a week before the dinner (yang dah plan sebulan lebih tu), I have to go to a camp. Some sort of leadership camp. National level, tapi buat kat Pahang je, nasib baik.

Exactly a week before the dinner and final exam. I don't wanna go at first. Because I know I'm not prepared for the exam yet and we still got many things to do for the dinner. Then thinking of my responsibility, I went to the camp. Hoping that when I came back to school, I still got 2 more days to prepare for the exam.

Then kejutan ketiga datang, when Datin Eizi fetch us up at the camp, she told us that the final exam has been rescheduled. It's tomorrow! Can you imagine? With nothing in my head, plus the tiredness from the camp, I still have to sit for the exam. What a shock.

Then when I arrived at home, I told my parents about the exam. They knew it. My teacher called them. And another shocking mocking news, my mother told me. " Cikgu call ibu tadi, nilam minggu depan". I couldn't say any words! Then you know it. Tears everywhere. haha. Nilam tu 4 hari, masa orang lain semua tengah exam, I'll be in BTPN alone. Not alone la, alone from SMART.

Cuba bayangkan benda-benda ni berlaku dengan serentak!


Ya Allah, it was really a hard time for me. Seriously. Memang tidur tak nyenyak, mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang. Ceh macam orang bercinta. haha. Hiperbola je tu. Tapi seriously, it was really hard for me. I couldn't sleep well every night, thinking of what I have to do tomorrow, thinking of what's gonna happen to me, n so so many other things. And after nearly a month, at last, here I am, enjoying freedom. heee. But I know there are so many things that I still have to 'deal' with. My responsibilities, they are all waiting for me. And yeah, it's not a freedom yet actually. But I'm grateful that I have completed a part of them.

The dinner was okay, thanks to all form 2 and form 4 BWP's, the camp was good. saya dapat peserta terbaik. hehe. Final exam, dont ask me! I'm scared of getting my results, seriously. It's a total disaster I guess. hee.

And for the nilam, I got second place. Sorry cikgu, saya tak menang, Sorry smart, saya tak berjaya bawak nama smart lagi. I felt so guilty. Seriously. I'm a total **ser. I got 2nd place by 1 mark difference from the 1st place. What a total frustration. Mintak maaf lagi cikgu, saya tau cikgu dah banyaaak berkorban. Mungkin ada rahmat. Eceh, ayat orang kalah. haha.

With Zaid, the winner

Btw, CONGRATS ZAID! You deserve it. All the best in bringing Pahang's name to the National Level. We will support you, always!

Okay la, it's been a long post. Hope u all tak boring.

Madi, Husna and Nadiah! Balik cepaat! Rindu la wei! Banyak benda nak cite!

p/s : I love u..:-)



Soliha, said...

tahniah jugak utk awk wlu second place.
btw, zaid tu skola mne?

Asifa said...

Dia Shah Pekan..
Kenal ke?

soliha said...

tak knl pun...