living in kelantan is cool...

the language, the food, the price, the clothes, the people, the culture.. i mean, its different from kuantan.. slightly... but the food is really cheap.. not to mention the taste, yummy.. haha.. jadi, hari ni kawe nok ghoyak siket bahasa klate hok baru blaja.. haha.. hope u like it

straw is not straw, but it is 'peletin'
kantoi - berigat
sungguh - ngotti/sengoti..
sikat - sisir
arwah - muloh
n this is funny,,,
tahi hidung - kulut idung
tahi itik - kuih

so... u'll get used to it.. haha..
im going back 1 january, so hope to see u guys later.. miss u guys so much.. all the best!

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