54F Last Moment :')

mat salleh took this picture wehh! "adde adde" lol

papa who? papa john's :)

Salam. hi.
this is just a short update.
let the memories stay with us je la. haha

so, last saturday, 30th July,TS
all of 54fighters managed to go to our last gathering.
i mean before Husna fly to Jordan lah. hehe
we had so much fun from that 1-5 pm!

and seriously i miss those highschool moments.
eventhough we were together just for 3yrs.
i mean 3yrs quite long though. haha.
but still, we are the best and greatest clique. yeah!

i wish and pray that all of us will succeed in our studies
and in whatever path we choose. InsyaAllah.
and especially to Husna mek klate, all the best
and u know i love u aiyte? haha

i know i wont find any other friends like u guys. #neverinamillionyears
u guys rock! we all are! haha
okay. see ya next 6 years all doctors-to-be :)
may the friendship stay strong forever
keep the faith. =)

tribute to 54Fighters :
Afiqah, Nadiah, Husna, Asifa, Madihah


nadiahbs said...

love u ollsssss !

Hg said...

thank u for all de fond memories guyss! <3<3